Lawyer finds Alexey Moskalyov in Smolensk jail, his whereabouts were unknown for about a month

Alexey Moskalyov, a man who was sentenced to two years in prison for “discrediting” the Russian military and escaped house arrest just before the verdict, has been found in a jail in Smolensk, OVD-Info cites the man’s lawyer who got to see his client.

Moskalyov’s whereabouts were unknown since early May when he was caught in Belarus after fleeing house arrest and extradited to Russia 10 days later.

Moskalyov says he was beaten up heavily and kicked in his chest and his back upon detention, and had his head slammed against the wall.

Moskalyov was sentenced to two years in prison on 28 March. He was found guilty of “discrediting” the Russian army. However, reports emerged soon after that Moskalyov fled his house arrest several hours before the hearing. The Belarusian Interior Ministry later confirmed that the man had been detained in Minsk.

In early March, Moskalyov’s daughter Maria, who drew an anti-war picture in school, was placed in an orphanage. She wrote a letter to her father. “Hi Dad, I need you to stay healthy and calm. I’m okay, I love you so much and you should know that you did nothing wrong, I’ll always be on your side and I believe everything you do is right,” she wrote. Maria was moved to her mother’s place on 5 April.

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