‘I love you. You’re my hero’: Russian girl sent to orphanage over anti-war drawing writes letter to her father

Her father escaped house arrest just before he was sentenced to prison time for ‘fakes about military’

A court in Russia’s Yefremov sentenced Alexey Moskalyov, a man whose daughter Masha drew an anti-war picture at school in 2022, to two years in prison for “discrediting the Russian military” yesterday. However, Moskalyov was not present at the verdict as he escaped house arrest the night before.

Masha Moskalyova was sent to an orphanage in early March. Before that, she had a talk with Federal Security Service (FSB) officers.

It is unknown where Masha’s father is at the moment. The following letter was written by Masha prior to the verdict and was published by Dmitry Zakhvatov, Moskalyov’s lawyer, at his client’s request.

A scan of Masha’s letter

A scan of Masha’s letter

“Hi Dad, I need you to stay healthy and calm. I’m okay, I love you so much and you should know that you did nothing wrong, I’ll always be on your side and I believe everything you do is right.

I love you so much, thank you for everything you’re doing for me. When you’re feeling bad or anxious, I feel sick and bad too. I believe that things are going to be fine and that we’ll be together someday. I hope for the best and love you so much.

Dad, you know what, one woman wrote to me that you need to love, hope, and believe, because only those who can love, hope, and believe can win.

Please know that we will win, that the victory will be ours, and we’re together whatever happens, we’re a team and you’re the best. You are my dad, the smartest, the most handsome, and the best dad on Earth. Please know that you’re the best.

I’m asking you one thing: do not give up. Love, hope, and believe.

Someday we’ll sit at a table and remember all of this. I love you and I hope that, actually I know for sure, that you will never give up, you’re a strong man, we’re both strong, and we’ll do it, and I will be praying for you and both of us, Dad.

I am proud. Yes, Dad, I can say that I am proud of my father. A dignified, smart, handsome, unyielding man who loves his daughter so much.

When we finally meet, I will give you a big good gift. Dad I don’t want to write about my health and state of mind. I don’t want to upset you, but I understand that the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. I’ll tell you everything when we get to meet each other.

This sign [the peace symbol] is an anti-war sign, and I will gift it to you in a locket because you’re the bravest person on Earth!

I love you, you’re a hero.

My hero.”

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