20 carriages of freight train derail in Bryansk region following track explosion

A total of 20 carriages of a freight train derailed between the stations of Snezhetskaya and Belye Berega in Russia’s Bryansk region due to a railroad track explosion, RBC cites Russian Railways; the news is also reported by Shot and 112 Telegram channels.

“A locomotive and about 20 carriages of a freight train derailed today at 19:47 local time on a single-track between Snezhetskaya and Belye Berega in the Bryansk region, due to illegal interference in the work of railway transport.

According to preliminary information, there were neither casualties nor open fire. City fire brigades are on site, a firefighting train and two repairs trains have also been dispatched.

Currently, the train traffic on the Snezhetskaya to Belye Berega section has been suspended,” RBC quotes Russian Railways.

Alexander Bogomaz, the Bryansk governor, has also reported the incident.

“An unidentified explosive device went off today near the Snezhetskaya station. No casualties. A locomotive and several carriages of a freight train derailed. All response teams are working on site,” he wrote on Telegram.

The 112 Telegram channel says improvised explosive devices were rigged on several sections of the railroad track.

Another freight train partially derailed in the Bryansk region yesterday, also due to an explosion.

“In the Unechsky district, an unidentified explosive device detonated at the Bryansk-Unecha track, following which a freight train’s locomotive derailed,” Bogomaz reported. The train traffic was soon restored.

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