Russian Railways: train traffic restored in Bryansk region after track explosion

Russian Railways has reported that train traffic has been restored between the stations of Unecha and Rassukha in the Bryansk region after a freight train derailed there yesterday, the company’s Telegram channel says.

“The train traffic between Unecha and Rassukha was restored at 4.53 Moscow time. It was interrupted on 1 May due to a train derailing there, caused by an unlawful intervention in the railway operations,” the statement says.

The company says 300 railroad workers and 3 emergency trains took part in the repairs. Around 100 metres of rails was newly constructed on the site.

A freight train partially went off the rails in Russia’s Bryansk region yesterday after an improvised explosive device detonated.

“In the Unecha district, an unidentified explosive device detonated at the Bryansk-Unecha track, causing a freight train’s locomotive to derail,” the Bryansk region governor Alexander Bogomaz said.

He later clarified that two locomotives and seven carriages derailed, luckily causing no injuries.

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