St. Petersburg region: electricity power line pole blown up. Another explosive device found nearby, it was demined

At midnight on 1 May, an electricity power line pole was blown up on the territory of the Susanino village in the Gatchina district of the St. Petersburg region of Russia, the local governor Alexander Drozdenko reports on his Telegram channel.

An unidentified object was discovered at the second electricity power line, it could be an explosive device, the official added. Later on, he clarified that the threat of an explosion on the second pole was eliminated: the bomb squad demined the device.

Currently, the other poles of the damaged line are being inspected.

Photo: Alexander Drozdenko / Telegram

Photo: Alexander Drozdenko / Telegram

update 2:47 pm

Criminal cases on sabotage and illegal circulation of explosive devices have been initiated after the electricity power line pole had been blown up, the St. Petersburg region governor Alexander Drozdenko reports.

The employees of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and experts are on the explosion site carrying out a detailed inspection of the territory.

Photo: Alexander Drozdenko / Telegram

Photo: Alexander Drozdenko / Telegram

The power supply to the local population and civilian infrastructure has not been disrupted. The head of the region has asked the locals to report “suspicious persons and objects” to law enforcement.

On 20 March, a drone crashed into an electricity power line pole in the Moscow region’s Shchelkovo district.

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