Moscow court issues arrest warrant for Ukraine’s intel chief over FSB’s accusations of him setting up Crimea bridge explosion

The Lefortovo court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for Kyrylo Budanov, the chief at Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, Novaya-Europe found out as it spoke to the court’s press relations department.

“The individual will be put under custody for two months as soon as he is extradited to Russia, that is, from the moment he crosses the Russian border or is detained on the Russian territory,” the court says.

Budanov is accused of setting up a terrorist community, committing a terror attack in a group, and storing weapons and explosives.

The court was not specific as to what terror attack was in question. The FSB accused Budanov of setting up the Crimean Bridge explosion that occurred on 8 October 2022.

Budanov was appointed the chief of Ukraine’s intelligence in 2020. He is known to have studied at the Odesa Military Academy, served in the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate, and since 2014 fought in the Donbas where he suffered several wounds and military awards. In 2019, there was an assassination attempt on Budanov.

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