Vladimir Putin dismisses Russian ambassadors to Latvia and Estonia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Russia’s ambassadors to Latvia and Estonia, the corresponding orders have been posted on the state law website.

Mikhail Vanin is no longer the Ambassador to Latvia, while Vladimir Lipaev was released from his post in Estonia.

In January, Russia announced downgrading the level of diplomatic relations with Estonia. The formal reason behind this move was said to be “reduction in the size of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn”, as per the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement. The ministry stated that Estonia’s Ambassador to Russia Margus Laidre was to leave the country by 7 February 2023.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry responded with the same move, expelling the Russian Ambassador Vladimir Lipaev. He was supposed to leave the country before 7 February, the same date his Estonian counterpart was to leave Moscow.

The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it would downgrade the level of diplomatic relations with Russia as a sign of solidarity with Estonia starting from 24 February. Latvia also asked the Russian ambassador to leave the country.

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