Russia’s Yaroslavl region resident sentenced to eight years of imprisonment over charges of attempting to set draft office on fire

The Second Western District Military Court has sentenced a resident of the town of Uglich, Denis Popov, to eight years behind bars over charges of attempting to set fire to a draft office, Kommersant reports, citing the press service of the regional Federal Security Service (FSB).

The man was found guilty of attempting to carry out a terrorist attack and public calls for conducting extremist activities online.

“During the consideration of the criminal case, the defendant repented and fully admitted his guilt,” the administration of the Uglich district reports.

The court ruled that Popov would serve three years in a prison and five years in a strict regime colony.

The FSB employees detained the man in July 2022 near the local draft office. According to the investigation, he had several Molotov cocktail bottles on him.

After Popov had been detained, he claimed to have planned to carry out a terrorist attack on orders of “Ukraine’s servicemen” which he had met “online”.

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