Russian court sentences 21-year-old to seven years of imprisonment for setting draft office on fire

The First Eastern District Military Court has sentenced a 21-year-old resident of Vladivostok, who was undergoing conscription military service, to seven years behind bars over charges of having set a draft office on fire, the court’s press service reports.

He was charged under the terrorism article. The first two years of his sentence will be served in a prison, while the rest of the sentence will be spent in a strict-regime colony.

According to the investigation, the man set a Vladivostok draft office building on fire on 8 June to “destabilise” its work and call upon the authorities to stop the war in Ukraine.

The soldier had a text chain with the client who promised to pay him 100,000 rubles (€1,300) for the complete destruction of the building, according to court documents. The man, according to the press service statement, pleaded guilty. He was taken into custody from the court hearing.

According to Mediazona, someone tried to set a draft office on fire in Vladivostok in the early hours of 8 June 2022. The court press release does not name the defendant, but Telegram channel Mash previously posted a video-”apology” of the man in question, introducing him as Andrey Alexeev.

According to the Telegram channel, an unidentified person doused a cloth in flammable liquid, used a match to light it, and threw it by the doors of the office on the day of the arson; the two-storey wood construction burst into flames. No one was hurt in the incident.

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