Director Vsevolod Lisovsky leaves Russia after two administrative arrests in a row

Theatre director Vsevolod Lisovsky has left Russia, his daughter Eva Lisovskaya told Meduza.

According to Eva, her father flew to Yerevan on the morning of 13 March.

“No one was following [him], nothing suspicious was going on,” she added.

Lisovsky was previously arrested for 15 days twice. He had to serve his arrests in the centre of temporary placement for migrants in the Moscow region village of Sakharovo. He was accused of “failing to comply with police officers’ orders”.

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Vsevolod Lisovsky is an experimental theatre director and playwright. He worked in Moscow’s Teatre.doc for a long time and created a new platform for the theatre called Transformator.doc. He was awarded with Russia’s National Theatre Award Golden Mask twice.

In 2022, the director was fined 50,000 rubles (€600) over “discrediting” the Russian army for an anti-war social media post. Magazine O Teatre also notes that Lisovsky was previously detained thrice while taking part in anti-fascist street performances of a Bertolt Brecht play.

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