7x7: Tula schoolgirl who drew anti-war picture not allowed to leave orphanage

A reporter with 7x7 has contacted the orphanage where Masha Moskalyova, a schoolgirl who drew an anti-war picture at school and had her father detained and put under house arrest, is being kept and found out that the institution has not allowed the girl to leave and “will not do so”.

Svetlana Davydova, chair of the local commission for juvenile affairs, has told RBC that the commission had applied for Alexey Moskalyov, Masha’s father, to have his parental rights restricted. The man was sent under house arrest for “discrediting the Russian military”.

Moreover, the commission wants to restrict the girl’s mother from her parental rights, too.

Alexey Moskalyov was sent under house arrest until 27 March for “repeated discreditation of the Russian military” on 2 March. His lawyer Vladimir Bilienko told the media two days ago that Alexey would return home on 3 March and have his daughter back home the following morning, for the two to continue living together.

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When Moskalyov was detained on 1 March and sent to a holding cell, his daughter was temporarily sent to an orphanage in the town of Yefremov. The girl drew a picture at an art class in her school last April, showing Russia’s and Ukraine’s flags together and reading “no to war”. Shortly thereafter, she had a conversation with the FSB officers, and her father was charged with “discrediting the Russian military” after his anti-war social media posts and comments were found.

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