Russia’s Tula region resident Alexey Moskalyov, whose daughter drew anti-war picture, put under house arrest by court

The Tula region Yefremov District Court has put Alexey Moskalyov, Russian national whose daughter drew an anti-war picture at school in April 2022, under house arrest until 27 March, lawyer for human rights project OVD-Info Vladimir Bilienko told Novaya Gazeta Europe.

“I will take him home right now; tomorrow morning (it’s too late now) Masha will be brought back home, they’ll be living together,” the lawyer said.

Yesterday, 1 March, Moskalyov was detained over charges of repeated “discreditation” of the Russian army. The man was put in a temporary detention centre, while his daughter was temporarily put in a children’s home.

Moskalyov has been raising his daughter Masha by himself. In April 2022, the girl drew an anti-war picture — she drew Russian and Ukrainian flags and wrote the slogan “No to war” — during an art class at school. Afterwards, the Federal Security Service (FSB) officers had a talk with her, while a protocol on “discrediting” the Russian army was drawn up against her father whose anti-war posts and comments had been found online.

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