Russia’s Investigative Committee opens criminal case on terrorist attack after events in Bryansk region

Russia’s Investigative Committee has initiated several criminal cases following the attack in the Bryansk region, as per the committee’s website.

The criminal cases were opened under the articles on carrying out a terrorist attack, attempts on life of law enforcement officers, and destruction of property.

Currently, the Investigative Committee is gathering and documenting proof of crimes committed by “representatives of Ukrainian armed groups”. According to the official version, Ukrainian saboteurs committed crimes against civilians and law enforcement officers on the territory of villages Liubechane and Sushany, located in the Bryansk region of Russia.

Two civilians were killed and an 11-year-old boy was injured in the attack, according to the local authorities.

The Bryansk region governor said yesterday, 2 March, that a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group had breached the territory of the region. The responsibility for the events was claimed by the Russian Volunteer Corps. Vladimir Putin referred to the events as a “terrorist attack”.

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