Death toll in Bryansk region attack rises to two people

Two civilians have been killed in the attack on the Bryansk region of Russia, regional governor Alexander Bogomaz says.

“As a result of the actions of the sabotage and reconnaissance group in the Liubechane village of the Klimovsky district, the number of civilian victims has risen to two. A man born in 1966 was killed,” his post reads.

Earlier, it was reported that a passenger car driver was killed in the attack. Furthermore, a boy born in 2021 was injured; he has been hospitalised, his life is not in danger.

In the morning of 2 March, Bogomaz reported that a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group had entered the territory of the Liubechane village.

According to Russia’s state news agency TASS, the group of “saboteurs” entered the territory of two villages, Liubechane and Sushany, and took several residents hostage. However, the information about the hostages has not been confirmed by anyone.

The responsibility for the events was claimed by the Russian Volunteer Corps. One of its fighters told media outlet IStories that they had, in fact, entered the territory of the region. According to him, 45 people were involved in the mission.

Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to the events as a “terrorist attack”.

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