Police detain resident of Russia’s Tula region whose daughter drew an anti-war picture

The police have detained Alexey Moskalyov, resident of Russia’s Tula region, whose daughter had drawn an anti-war picture at a school lesson, media outlet Spektr reports, citing a volunteer who is acquainted with Moskalyov.

Alexey’s daughter, Masha, has been left alone at home, Spektr claims. According to the media outlet, the police officers also visited the place of the volunteer who helps the Moskalyov family. Her place was about to be searched, but the police officers changed their minds.

According to human rights defender Marina Litvinovich, the police searched the flat of Moskalyov; during the search the officers allegedly seized all of his money.

update 3:29 pm

According to human rights project OVD-Info, the police officers detained Moskalyov on his way to work, took him back home, and made his daughter watch him be taken away. Then, the officers called the commission on minors’ affairs and left Masha alone in the flat to wait for their arrival. Volunteer Elena Agafonova came to support Masha — they waited for the commission to arrive together. The girl has been temporarily put in a children’s home in the town of Yefremov, Tula region.

Lawyer for OVD-Info Vladimir Bilienko says that Moskalyov is currently being held in the Investigative Committee, soon he will be sent to a temporary detention centre of Yefremov. The main investigative procedures will begin tomorrow, according to the lawyer.

Alexey Moskalyov has been raising his daughter Masha by himself. In April 2022, the girl drew an anti-war picture during an art class at school. Afterwards, the Federal Security Service (FSB) officers had a talk with her, while a protocol on “discrediting” the Russian army was drawn up against her father whose anti-war posts and comments had been found online.

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