Russia’s Defence Ministry reports to have prevented ‘massive drone attack’ on Crimean facilities by Ukraine

Russia’s Defence Ministry reports to have prevented a “massive drone attack” by Kyiv on facilities in Crimea, as per the ministry’s daily bulletin.

According to the bulletin, six Ukrainian UAVs have been shot down by Russian air defence, while four more have been “rendered inoperable by electronic warfare”. It is not specified what facilities in Crimea were allegedly the target of Ukraine’s forces.

There were no casualties or destruction on the ground, the ministry claims.

Ukrainian Telegram channels reported earlier that there had been explosions in Crimea in the early hours of 1 March.

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Yesterday, 28 February, the Defence Ministry reported that the Krasnodar region and Adygea had been attacked by drones overnight. Following the attack on the Krasnodar region, a fire broke out at a petroleum storage depot in the town of Tuapse. It is claimed that the fire did not damage the petroleum tanks or injure any people. In Adygea, head of the region Murat Kampilov said that fragments of an unidentified aerial vehicle had been discovered. No one was hurt, and no damages were reported.

Later in the day on 28 February, a drone crashed near a Gazprom booster station in the Moscow region. In the evening of the same day, social media users posted photos and videos of an explosion in the Krasnodar region town of Yeysk. Local authorities claimed that “drills are being conducted”.

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