US announces additional $2 bln security aid package to Ukraine

The United States will provide Ukraine with a $2 billion security aid package, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said.

“We’re going to continue to look at what is necessary, and make sure that we provide what is necessary that Ukraine has what it needs to succeed on the battlefield,” Sullivan announced.

CNN previously reported, citing an unnamed US official, that the package would include HIMARS missile, artillery ammunition, multiple types of drones, demining equipment, equipment for secure communication, training of Ukrainian soldiers, and technical services.


The United States has officially announced an additional security assistance package for Ukraine.

The package will include additional ammunition for HIMARS, additional 155mm artillery rounds, munitions for laser-guided rocket systems, CyberLux K8 UAS, Switchblade 600 UAS, Altius-600 UAS, Jump 20 UAS, Counter-UAS and electronic warfare detection equipment, mine clearing equipment, secure communications support equipment, and funding for training, maintenance, and sustainment

Furthermore, Sullivan announced that G7 countries would announce new sanctions later in the day. The sanctions will be aimed at countries that send sanctioned products to Russia.

“You will see as time goes on the continued erosion of the quality and capacity of the Russian economy, even as Vladimir Putin races to spend money in an effort to prop it up,” Sullivan declared.

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Bloomberg previously reported, citing two sources, that the US would supply Ukraine with GPS-guided bombs JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) as part of an aid package. The Pentagon has not confirmed this information.

Several weeks ago, Reuters wrote that the US was preparing a new security aid package to Ukraine estimated at $2.2 billion, which would include the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB).

They have a range of 150 km. The development of the weapon was conducted by companies Boeing and Saab Group. It is launched from such missile systems as M270 and HIMARS.

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