Wagner Group to receive ammo for Ukraine war. Its chief previously complained about ‘shell famine’

Wagner Group financier Yevgeny Prigozhin has announced that his mercenary in Ukraine will now receive ammunition after complaints made earlier this week, a Telegram channel linked to the mercenary group founder published the statement.

“We were told today at 6 AM that ammo will be loaded. It seems like the train has left the station. It’s on paper for now but we were told that the main documents have already been signed,” he said.

Prigozhin thanked everyone who made it possible. “You have saved hundreds and possibly thousands of lives of guys who are protecting their Motherland, you have given them an opportunity to keep living. Their mothers and children will not receive coffins with their bodies,” he added.

Prigozhin did not specify who will send the ammunition.

On 21 February, the Wagner Group founder accused the Russian Defence Ministry of creating “shell famine” for his mercenaries. “The General Staff head and the defence minister give orders everywhere to not just send ammo to the Wagner Group but also not help it with the aviation transport,” he then said.

In response, the Russian Defence Ministry said that “all applications for ammo supplies for assault units are fulfilled as soon as possible”, while the attempts to “sow discord to the mechanism of close cooperation and support between the units of the Russian group of forces are counterproductive and play into the enemy’s hands”.

Prigozhin responded to the statement, saying that the Wagner Group lack about 80% of the ammo required to fight.

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