Russian Defence Ministry jet crashes in Belgorod region, pilot dead

A Russian Defence Ministry plane in the Belgorod region, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported.

“An investigation team and Russian Emergency Ministry employees are working at the site. The cause of what happened is being investigated. The situation is under control,” he wrote.

Baza reports that a Su-25 jet crashed near the village of Orekhovo village. According to the Telegram channel, the fighter jet fell on a hay shed which caused a fire. The Su-25 pilot survived, and a medical jet was dispatched to fetch him.

TASS, Russia’s state news agency, reports that a pilot managed to eject from the plane. His condition is not clear. The agency was told that the jet caught fire after plunging into the ground.


The Russian Defence Ministry has reported that a Su-25 jet crashed while returning to the air base in the Belgorod region after completing a combat mission. The plane fell in a location removed from people.

The pilot has died.

According to the preliminary reports available to the Defence Ministry, a technical fault has caused the crash.

In January, a Mi-8 helicopter from the Rossiya special flight detachment struck the ground with its blades and was damaged while landing in Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport.

The Rossiya special flight detachment transports Russia’s officials, intelligence services, and armed forces.

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