Russian activist Maksim Lypkan, 18, arrested for ‘fakes’ about Russian army in Radio Liberty interview

Activist Maksim Lypkan, 18, has been arrested until 20 April in a criminal case where he stands accused of spreading “fakes” about the Russian Armed Forces, his lawyer told OVD-Info.

According to the investigation team, the activist made a number of “fake” statements about the Russian army out of political hatred.

The activist was detained earlier when police officers searched his home. When he refused to open the door, a Russian Emergency Ministry team was dispatched to knock it down.

Lypkan wrote in his Telegram channel that the police “took some of his books”, adding that his father’s home was also searched. The activist urged to stay calm and “fight for your freedom”. He also recorded a video message to say that he is “certain Russia will be free despite all the prison sentences and repressions.

On 18 February, Radio Liberty published an interview with the man entitled “‘I view the war as a low blow.’ A year of Maksim Lypkan’s resistance”. In the interview, the man shared his thoughts about Russia’s war on Ukraine and discussed “A year of hell”, an anti-war rally that sought to hold with the authorities’ permission.

Earlier, Lypkan filed an official request with the Moscow authorities to hold the rally on 24 February. The authorities rejected his appeal, citing the coronavirus pandemic.

On 15 February, the next day after he received his rejection letter, Lypkan was detained in a Moscow railway station. He was charged with two administrative offences: army discreditation and unauthorised rally organisation.

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