Russian official: 187 cases of ‘fakes’ about Russian army identified in 2022

Russia’s Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov in an interview with Izvestia revealed that 187 cases of dissemination of “fakes” about actions of the Russian Armed Forces were identified in 2022.

According to Krasnov, criminal cases opened into 78 crimes committed by 67 people were investigated and referred to courts in 2022.

Moreover, the Prosecutor General’s Office last year issued more than 1,700 demands to block Internet sources that were spreading “false information that is significant for the public”. In comparison, only 650 such demands were issued in 2021.

Russia’s Internet watchdog in 2022 blocked more than 190,000 Internet pages based on the agency’s demands. Around 125,000 websites were publishing reports about the Ukraine war.

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Criminal case-fest for “fakes” in 2022: Russian opponents of war in Ukraine under investigation or slapped with cruel sentences

In late December, the watchdog said that at least 157,000 “fakes” and calls to stage anti-war events were identified since February 24 when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

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