Russia’s UN envoy: Russian missile hit Dnipro building due to Ukrainian air-defence interception

A Russian missile landed on an apartment building in Ukraine’s Dnipro on 14 January after it was intercepted by a Ukrainian air-defence system, Russian’s envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya told a UN Security Council meeting.

“The Russian missile targeting an energy infrastructure facility was downed by Ukraine’s air-defence forces,” he said as quoted by TASS.

Nebenzya claims that the Ukrainian air-defence system was deployed in a residential area “in violation of international humanitarian law”.

“The downed missile landed on a residential building. You know the rest,” he added.

According to the Ukrainian military, a Russian X-22 missile built to strike naval aircraft carrier units, which Ukraine’s current air-defence capabilities are unable to down, hit the Dnipro building. “The Russian Armed Forces do not target residential buildings,” the Kremlin claims.

The tragedy ocurred on 14 January when Russian troops launched a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine. A missile landed on an apartment building in central Ukraine’s Dnipro, causing its partial collapse. More than 200 flats were destroyed.

The rubble clearance mission was completed on 17 January. In total, 44 people were killed, including four children and a baby boy who was under one year of age. Moreover, 79 building residents were injured with 16 kids among them, 39 people were rescued.

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