Dnipro residential building strike: rubble cleared, 44 bodies found, including five children

The rubble clearance operation at the site of a residential building that was hit by a missile in Ukraine’s Dnipro has been completed, regional head Valentyn Reznichenko reported.

The strike killed 44 people with five children among them, including a baby boy who was under one year old, the official noted.

According to Ukraine’s national emergency service, 79 building residents were injured, including 16 children. Meanwhile, 39 people were rescued.

Photo: Ukraine’s national emergency service

Photo: Ukraine’s national emergency service

“The search and rescue operation has been completed. Thank you to the rescuers, doctors, police officers, utility service employees, and volunteers… Thank you to city Mayor Borys Filatov, his deputies, and the whole Dnipro mayor’s office. I thank everyone who was fighting throughout these long 69 hours and was helping those affected. And continues to do so. We are persistently pushing ahead through this gruelling challenge. Condolences to families of the victims,” Reznichenko wrote.

On 14 January, Russian troops launched a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine. A missile landed on an apartment building in central Ukraine’s Dnipro, causing its partial collapse. More than 200 flats were destroyed, dozens of people were injured. Residents were flashing phone torch lights to draw attention of rescue missions, were writing SMS, and screaming for help.

According to the Ukrainian military, a Russian X-22 missile built to strike naval aircraft carrier units hit the Dnipro building. “The Russian Armed Forces do not target residential buildings,” the Kremlin claims.

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