Russian Defence Minister inspects troops fighting in Ukraine

The Russian Defence Ministry has reported that Minister Sergey Shoigu has visited the Vostok group of forces in the “special military operation zone”.

Shoigu received a report from the group commander Rustam Muradov and those lower in rank.

“The Russian Defence Minister paid special attention to providing comprehensive support for the troops engaged in the special military operation, fortification works, and creation of conditions to safely deploy military personal in the field as well as the operation of medical and rear units,” the statement reads.

Shoigu then handed out state awards to service members.

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In December, the ministry delivered two reports about Shoigu’s visits to the “special military operation zone”. On 18 December, the ministry claimed that the army chief arrived in Russia’s Southern Military District to inspect the group of troops, fly over the deployment areas, and check the frontline positions of the Russian forces. “While on the frontlines, Sergey Shoigu spoke to Russian service members and thanked military personnel for exemplary execution of military tasks,” the statement notes.

On 22 December, Shoigu also “inspected the Russian Armed Forces units in the special military operation zone” and spoke to the military personnel according to the ministry.

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