Wagner Group chief’s press office: body of a British national who went missing in Ukraine’s Soledar found

The press office of Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of PMC Wagner Group, reported that one of the British nationals who disappeared in the town of Soledar, Ukraine’s Donetsk region, has been found dead.

“On 8 January, the request to find two British nationals — Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry — who went missing in Soledar on 6 January was received by the Ask Wagner hotline. Today, a body of one of them was found with documents of both British nationals,” the press service for Prigozhin’s Konkord company noted.

Ukraine’s national police earlier said that Bagshaw, 48, and Parry, 28, went missing on 6 January. The men left Kramatorsk for Soledar and then stopped communicating with anyone, the police said. A criminal case was opened to look for them.

Bagshaw’s parents said that he wanted to help Ukrainians when he left for the conflict zone. According to Sky News, the men were volunteers and were engaged in civilian evacuations. The British Foreign Office said the families of the missing men were getting every assistance.

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Soledar is a town in Ukraine’s Donetsk region located near Bakhmut. It is now embroiled in fierce fighting.

On 10 January, Prigozhin’s press service reported that Wagner Group had captured Soledar. At the same time, Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar noted that the fighting to control the town still continues. The Russian Defence Minister then confirmed Kyiv’s statement, noting that the clashes are still ongoing.

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