Ukraine’s Defence Ministry: Russia troops have launched a ‘powerful assault’ on Soledar

The Russian troops have mounted a new assault on Soledar, Donetsk region, spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Defence Ministry Hanna Maliar said.

“After an unsuccessful attempt to capture Soledar and a retreat, the enemy regrouped, reinforced its losses, redeployed additional assault units, changed the tactics, and launched a powerful assault. Vicious fighting is underway right now,” Maliar wrote.

According to her, “best Wagner Group reserves” are participating in the assault. It is reported that soldiers are moving forward with the support of artillery and mortars.

The Russian Defence Ministry is yet to comment on the report.

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On 4 January, The Wall Street Journal cited the Ukrainian military to report that the Russian army had suspended its assault of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, and shifted resources towards the nearest town of Soledar.

According to the WSJ sources in the Ukrainian army, Russia can attempt to break through the Ukrainian defence lines around Soledar and try to achieve victory there.

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