Postgraduate student confined to house arrest over ‘calls for terrorism’ charges in Vladimir

A court in Russia’s Vladimir has put a postgraduate student accused of “public calls for terrorism” under house arrest, Interfax cites the local FSB office.

The investigators’ theory is that the man (his name remains undisclosed) was sticking leaflets in public places in September, calling for “violent action towards Russian state officials”. It is unclear what was in the leaflets.

“The investigation has enough evidence to prove the illegal actions of the accused individual. He has been detained and put under house arrest,” Zebra TV cites the FSB.

Mediazona also notes that no regional public court officials said anything on the matter.

Russia’s FSB reported killing two men near Nalchik who were preparing a terrorist attack in Chegem “by order of Ukraine’s secret services” yesterday. “They were planning on leaving for Ukraine after committing the crime and getting involved in armed combat against Russia’s army,” the FSB said.

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