FSB reports wiping out two men ‘plotting attack by order of Ukraine’s secret services’

Russia’s FSB has reported killing two men near Nalchik who were preparing a terrorist attack in Chegem “by order of Ukraine’s secret services”, TASS cites the FSB.

The two men “offered armed resistance during detention and were neutralised by counterfire” on 26 December, the agency reports.

“They were planning on leaving for Ukraine after committing the crime and getting involved in armed combat against Russia’s army,” the FSB says. The agency claims that the two men were members of a terrorist community active in a prison in Russia’s Kabardino-Balkaria until 2021.

Investigators initiated a criminal procedure on account of illegal acquisition of weapons and explosive devices, as well as an attempt on life of law enforcers. The agency claims that an explosive device equivalent to 2 kg of TNT with submunition, an AK-74, as well as a Makarov pistol and ammo were found on the scene.

Baza reported earlier that two locals had been killed during detention in Kabardino-Balkaria, suspected of plotting an attack on a draft office. The two men in question are Murat Shadov, 40, and Timur Marshenkulov, 45, Baza says.

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