Russia’s Justice Ministry puts Novaya-Europe author Zayakin, musician Noize MC, journalists Shikhman and Kolezev on ‘foreign agents’ list

The Russian Ministry of Justice has put Novaya Gazeta Europe’s author Andrey Zayakin, musician Noize MC (Ivan Alexeev), journalist Irina Shikhman, and others on the “foreign agents” list. The corresponding document was published on the website of the ministry.

Libertarian Mikhail Svetov, head of Conflict Intelligence Team Ruslan Karpuk (Leviev), politician Vyacheslav Maltsev, and feminist activist Olimpiada Usanova were also included in the list of “foreign agent” individuals.

All seven new “foreign agent” individuals have allegedly received funding from Ukraine and were put on the list for “conducting political activity”, according to the list.

Dmitry Kolezev, chief editor of media outlet Republic, and Irek Bikkinin, columnist for Idel.Real media outlet, were added to the list of “media-foreign agents”, a separate list conducted by the Ministry of Justice.

On 15 November, the Russian financial watchdog placed Andrey Zayakin and founder of Dissernet on its terrorist list

On 13 November, it was reported that Russia’s Ministry of Justice is set to begin publishing personal data of individuals included on the “foreign agents” list starting from 1 December. The data will include date of birth, full name, taxpayer identification number, individual insurance account number, and reasoning for including the individual on the list.

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Russia labels author for Novaya Gazeta Europe Andrey Zayakin as terrorist

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