Russia’s Justice Ministry to begin publishing personal data of ‘foreign agents’ starting from December

Russia’s Ministry of Justice is set to begin publishing personal data of individuals included on the “foreign agents” list starting from 1 December. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, newspaper Vedomosti reports.

According to the document, the list will soon include a “foreign agent”’s date of birth, full name, taxpayer identification number, individual insurance account number, reasoning for including the individual on the list with the indication of the specific provisions of the law and the date of the Ministry’s decision on adding and excluding, if applicable, the person to and from the list.

Similar requirements will be applied to legal entities, public and other associations deemed “foreign agents”.

In July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law on “foreign agents” that allows entities and individuals that have no foreign financing to be considered “foreign agents”. From 1 December, any Russian or foreign organisations or individuals can be recognised as “foreign agents” if they receive foreign support, are found to be under foreign influence, or carry out political activities or collect data on military-technical activities of Russia that “can be used against the security of the country”.

The document indicates the introduction of a unified list of “foreign agents” instead of four separate lists that exist currently.

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According to the document, “foreign agents” are prohibited from conducting educational and pedagogical activities aimed at minors and creating informational products for minors, participating in procurement of products and services for state and municipal needs, receiving financial support from the state, using significant critical infrastructure objects, and participating as experts in state environmental reviews. “Foreign agents” will also be banned from working in state and municipal services, becoming members of electoral commissions, and organising public events.

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