‘We agree to serve on the liberated territory’: 12 Russian draftees refuse to fight on the front line due to lack of supplies

Twelve mobilised men from Novosibirsk have written a report refusing to fight on the front line in Ukraine without proper training, their wives told NGS.

According to one of the women, her husband was mobilised on 26 September and sent to Ukraine on 20 October. After another two weeks, the husband called her wife and said that he was on the front line under shelling.

“It was non-stop artillery fire. They found an abandoned house there and slept in it. There was no food or water, and no command, either,” the woman said.

After several days on the front line, the mobilised men told their command that they refused to keep fighting, wrote a report and handed over their weapons.

“I refuse to serve due to the lack of moral, psychological, and physical training. I agree to serve in the rear units and in the already liberated territory,” the document reads.

The handwritten report was signed by 12 servicemen.

The wife of one of the men wrote several complaints to the military prosecutor’s office after her husband told her about the situation at the front line.

“Our husbands do not refuse to serve! What they do is request to conduct a medical examination, which was never carried out, and send them to do some kind of rear work or, maybe, to a factory. They agree to work around the clock instead of going to the front line without proper training where it’s constant shelling,”she said.

According to the woman, the mobilised are currently in one of the villages in the border-straddling area. The military police arrived there the day before.

“It seems like they were offered to join the vehicle-repairing units, so our lads agreed on this. They approached some colonel like 10 times, he said: ‘I promise, guys, that everything will be fine, that all you’ll have to do is to turn those screws days long.’ But they don’t know what they should expect, ”the woman says.

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