Media: marines from Russia’s Far East sent on assault mission following complaint to governor about huge losses in Pavlivka

The 155th guards brigade marines have been sent on an assault mission to storm fortified areas following their complaint to Primorsky region Governor Oleg Kozhemyako about huge losses in Pavlivka, a marine told the 7x7 media outlet.

The outlet was told that their commanders “strongly rebuked” them for publicising the situation. The marine said that around 100-115 servicemembers are believed to have died in the assault, while the total death toll in the brigade stands at 450-500.

7x7 published the report, adding a disclaimer that the outlet cannot quickly verify the report at the time of war.

“Assault is the worst punishment when the enemy has built up a defence line well and it can only be breached with great losses.

“[During the assault] the defence was successfully breached but [soldiers died] on that day to confirm the command’s words about insignificant losses. They still cannot count the losses to this day […]

“I appeal to people so that they learn the truth. Media will report that there are no losses and only about successes. However, no one knows how many people died. We are [expecting] a reaction from the society more. We have already seen the reaction of the authorities. Maybe people will understand, will start talking about this, and then possibly the command will change its approach. And maybe they will think about the people instead of sending them to death.”

Today, 14 November, the Russian Defence Minister announced that Pavlivka had been captured “after vicious fighting”.

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‘They’re expendable — it’s just a fact’

A member of Russia’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade talks major losses, situation on frontlines and the soldiers’ morale

On 8 November, Governor of Russia’s Primorsky region Oleg Kozhemyako posted a video on his Telegram channel allegedly showing marines from the 155th brigade and Tigr battalion fighters who are currently near Pavlivka in Ukraine. The marines say that they “are well” in all the videos, battles are tough, there are losses and injuries, but the soldiers continue to “put pressure on the enemy” despite any resistance. At the same time, the marines have their faces blurred and voices distorted in two of the three videos.

Earlier, Russian war correspondent Alexander Sladkov and blogger Anastasia Kashevarova reported that marines of the 155th brigade sent a letter to Governor Kozhemyako, demanding that an independent commission be sent to the frontline. The servicemen complained about losing up to 300 fellow fighters during the assault on Pavlivka and about those in command.

Kozhemyako later said that he had contacted the commanders of the 155th brigade marines. “We contacted the commanders. Yes, there are losses, the fighting is fierce. But they are not as bad as this appeal portrays them,” he said. The Russian Defence Ministry also denies this information.

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