Russian Defence Ministry backs introduction of basic military training in schools

The Russian Defence Ministry has thrown its weight behind the proposal to include basic military training in schools and trade colleges, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing a letter signed by deputy Defence Minister Valery Gerasimov and sent to Sergey Mironov, head of the A Just Russia — For Truth parliament faction.

The proposal to introduce such a subject into the curriculum “undeniably deserves attention and is supported”, Gerasimov writes. The military training, according to the deputy minister, should be taught in the last two years of the school education and requires at least 140 hours in the academic year.

The Defence Ministry also suggests retraining teachers who are already employed as well as hire people who previously served under contracts in officer positions, prioiritising military veterans.

According to Mironov, this subject will address the issue of employment for those who went through active military service in combat zones and will prepare people “for a possible clash with an enemy.”

“This issue is now even more important since the special military operation began. Even many volunteers do not have the necessary experience to fight,” Mironov noted. The proposal was supported by other parliament factions, including the ruling United Russia.

The Russian Education Ministry in September introduced the topic of the “special military operation” into the curriculum for high school students. Apart from that, schools now also have “conversations about important things”, a new subject that is supposed to be taught as part of “protecting Russian society against destructive information and psychological influences” and “strengthening Russian moral values”.

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