Donetsk occupation ‘authorities’: at least two people killed in shelling carried out by Ukraine’s Armed Forces

At least two people were killed in the shelling of the Petrovskyi district of the Donetsk city carried out by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Russia-appointed Mayor of the city Alexey Kulemzin claims.

Aftermath of the shelling in Donetsk / Source: ItsDonetsk Telegram channel

The first victim is a teenage girl born in 2008; the second victim is a local 49-year-old woman, the “head” of the city maintains.

Aftermath of the shelling / Source: TRO_DPR Telegram channel

At least four men born in 1949, 1955, 1963, and 1979 and a woman born in 1951 were injured, Kulemzin reports.

It is also reported that the walls, roofing, and windows of several buildings were damaged.

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In the early hours of 7 November, several blasts rocked the centre of Donetsk; following the shelling, a big fire erupted in the railway administration building, several shells also went off in the administration area of the Voroshylovskyi district of the city.

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