‘Our troops will likely retreat to Kherson region’s left bank’ — Russian occupation authority representative

Kirill Stremousov, representative for the Kherson region’s Russian occupation authorities, told a Russian propaganda channel Solovyov.Live that the Russian troops are expected to leave the right bank of the Dnipro River.

“Our troops are likely to retreat from the left bank of the Kherson region and the people who did not have time to leave Kherson should be quickly evacuate to the left bank. We are still working on it,” he said.

Stremousov also said on air that “all attacks of the Ukrainian forces are repelled” and he sees no attempts by Ukraine to mount “a quick mass assault.”

On 2 November, the pro-Russian “administration” of the occupied part of the Kherson region announced that the transport communication across the Dnipro River was ending after the evacuation process was declared over and due to the increased danger level.

Previously, the occupation “authorities” of the region announced that residents of the Kakhovka district of the Kherson region would be forcibly evacuated starting on 6 November. People were also urged to evacuate on their own “due to the high level of military danger.” On 31 October, the evacuation zone was expanded by 15 km from the Dnipro River.

On the same day, Stremousov said that the Ukrainian army attacked the Russian troops in the Beryslav direction of the Kherson region.

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