UAVs attack Russia’s warships near Crimea’s Sevastopol

Unmanned aerial vehicles have attacked the ships of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the Sevastopol Bay near Crimea, the Russia-installed governor Mikhail Razvozhayev reports.

“Today, starting 4.30 a.m., various air defence systems repelled UAV attacks in Sevastopol for several hours, all were taken down,” he wrote.

Apart from the drones, one unmanned surface vehicle was destroyed in the bay.

A nearby dormitory had one of its windows smashed. “No one was hurt,” says the official.

Razvozhayev reported a drone attack on the Balaklava thermal power plant in Sevastopol on Thursday. “A transformer that was out of service caught fire. By the time the emergency services arrived at the station, there was no open fire,” he stated. According to the governor, the transformer sustained minimal damage. No one was injured.

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