‘They threatened to stick a stool leg up my rectum’: Tyumen anti-fascist reports police torture

Deniz Aydin, 23, an anti-fascist involved in the so-called “Tyumen case,” has told his lawyer of police torture, as per the case-related Telegram channel. Novaya.Europe has a copy of the talk between Aydin and the lawyer.

Aydin was detained on 30 August. On that day he and Kirill Brik, a friend of his, were headed to a waste ground near one of Tyumen’s power stations. The two were planning to “test an explosive mixture,” although neither of them was going to sell the mixture or use it for any other purpose.

Aydin and Brik were detained by the police at the waste ground. “When they detained us, they suspected us of drug distribution, but we explained that the mixture we had was in fact an explosive one, produced by ourselves and ready for testing,” Aydin says.

Upon arrival at the police station, Aydin was forced to undress and to stand on his hunkers. Then he had a shoe put on his head and was threatened to get raped should the shoe fall to the ground. “They [the policemen] took a truncheon and a wooden stool leg from behind a closet and told me they would stick those items up my rectum. I was forced to stand on my hunkers for about 30 or 40 minutes,” Aydin recalls.

After this, the anti-fascist was taken to a different room where he had a plastic bag put on his head and his arms twisted behind his back. Aydin was thrown to the floor and got beaten. “Those were not strong blows, but I was really scared,” the man says.

During the torture, he was asked if he was going to blow up trains and FSB or police offices. Due to the beatings, he was forced to incriminate himself.

“While they beat me up, they told me I should reply affirmatively to their questions. I couldn’t endure the beating, so I agreed to confess to untruths because they said it would become even worse if I didn't,” Aydin says.

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