Two Russian anti-fascists report police torture

Roman Paklin, an anti-fascist activist who was earlier detained on terrorism charges, reports he is being tortured in a pre-trial facility in Tyumen, his friend told OVD-Info.

Yury Neznamov who was detained in the same case told his friends that he had been tortured by electricity and plastic bag suffocation, as well as waterboarding. He was also forced to sign blank sheets of paper.

Paklin suffered similar torture, as he puts it in his letters to his mother and friend. Later one of his arms went numb, and he had heart pains.

It was revealed on 6 September that a total of six anti-fascist and anarchist activists were detained in Tymen, Surgut and Yekaterinburg, they are reportedly accused of “forming a terrorist organisation”. The group is facing a maximum of 10 years behind bars.

Neznamov’s associates shared a video of his detention with Novaya Gazeta. Europe, shown above.

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