Zaporizhzhia region: Enerhodar’s occupation ‘government’ reports HIMARS strike on city’s administration building

Ukraine’s Armed Forces have carried out a strike on the city of Enerhodar’s administration building, using HIMARS rocket launchers, the Zaporizhzhia region city’s occupation “authorities” claim. The statement was posted by the “authorities’” press office.

The aftermath of the alleged strike / Photo: occupation “authorities” of Enerhodar

The aftermath of the alleged strike / Photo: occupation “authorities” of Enerhodar

No one was hurt in the attack, according to the “administration”.

Furthermore, Ukraine’s Armed Forces also allegedly shelled a bridge located upon the exit from the city and the substation Luch, “using the same rockets”, Russia-appointed “authorities” claim. It is reported that both of these objects were damaged.

The press office also published a statement by “head of the military city administration” of Enerhodar Alexander Volga. He said that the city was left without electricity following the substation being shelled.

Volga also claims that the road that people use to enter and exit the city was damaged.

The substation’s shelling was also confirmed by Ukrainian mayor of the city Dmytro Orlov. He said that Enerhodar was left not only without electricity but also without water.

“There are reports about one of the substations being damaged, as well as damages to the executive committee of the city council building. No information on casualties among civilians has come in,” Orlov wrote in a Telegram post.

He did not clarify which side had conducted the shelling.

Several days ago, Ukraine struck the Donetsk city administration building with HIMARS multiple rocket launchers. “Today, at 07:37, a direct hit of an enemy projectile on the Donetsk city administration building <…> was documented. Three cars parked in front of the building burned down. Windows were shattered in the city administration building,” Russia-appointed mayor of the city Alexey Kulemzin wrote back then. Four people were injured in the strike.

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