Occupation ‘authorities’ begin evacuation of Kherson city residents

Russia-appointed “authorities” of the occupied Kherson region of Ukraine have begun the evacuation of the Kherson city residents to the other bank of the Dnipro river.

“For this goal, ferries were launched, they are transporting people from [the city of] Kherson to [the town of] Oleshky and [the city of] Hola Prystan. Over there, a temporary accommodation centre was opened; there, the rescuers will establish the route of the [further] travel — it will be chosen based on the wishes of the [individual Kherson] resident,” the occupation “administration” of the town of Oleshky reported.

“Acting governor” of the Kherson region Volodymyr Saldo says that the “authorities” are planning to transport 50,000-60,000 residents of Kherson to the left bank of the Dnipro river.

The residents of the city were sent a text message asking them to urgently evacuate due to the threats of shelling.

“Dear residents! Evacuate urgently. Ukraine’s Armed Forces will be shelling residential areas. From 7AM, there will be buses from the river port to the left bank,” the text message says, as quoted by Russia’s state news agency TASS.

Saldo also says that entry for civilians to the Kherson region is closed for seven days.

The entry to the region will only be allowed via passes given out by the commandant’s office to employees of supplying companies.

Head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration Vitalii Kim speculates that Russian troops are planning to carry out strikes on the city of Kherson.

“There are messages being sent out about the need to evacuate from Kherson, that Ukraine’s Armed Forces will shell Kherson. But knowing the Russian strategy and knowing that they’re digging trenches in the area [of the nearby settlement of] Chaplynka with the purpose of striking upon Kherson, I have a feeling that Russians are preparing to carry out an attack on Kherson, unfortunately,” he said.

Yesterday, 18 October, deputy head of the occupation “administration” of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov said that “very soon, a battle for Kherson will begin” and recommended the civilians leave the areas of possible hostilities.

“According to our information, Ukrainian Nazis <...> will soon start the offensive on Kherson. Kherson and the right bank part of the Kherson region could be shelled. For the last two weeks, we have been recommending leaving the right bank part of the Kherson region,” Stremousov said.

Commander of Russian troops in Ukraine general Sergey Surovikin previously said that Russia’s Armed Forces would ensure “safe” evacuation of the population.

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