Belgorod governor reports 111 ‘mistakenly mobilised’ men returning home

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Russia’s Belgorod region, has reported that a total of 111 men who had been “mobilised by mistake” earlier have now returned home.

“36 men returned home yesterday, making it 111 in total. 36 more are being checked,” Gladkov says.

He also notes that all complaints regarding mobilisation are being checked and reviewed. “If we make a mistake, we act quickly to fix it.”

Vladimir Putin addressed Russia’s Prosecutor General yesterday, asking him to “fix the errors made during the partial mobilisation.”

Dagestan’s governor Sergey Melikov said recently that a lot of errors are being made. Men with no combat experience, fathers of many children, and students were drafted, which was obviously a mistake, he says. An aeroplane carrying 35 “mistakenly mobilised” men arrived in Yakutia several days ago.

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