Mobilised Russian men sent to frontlines with no training, human rights project reports

Mobilised Russian men are being sent to the frontlines without a medical examination and without any training, the Pervy Otdel (which translates as Department One) human rights project reports, citing its sources.

The project’s Telegram channel published a video showing a serviceman saying that his regiment will be sent to Ukraine’s Kherson in several days. The newly mobilised men were denied training and a medical examination, he said.

“Hello everyone, this is the 1st tank regiment, we were officially told that we would receive no training before being sent to the frontline. The regiment’s commander confirmed this information. On 29 September, we’ll be sent to Kherson. So… think for yourselves, decide for yourselves what to do about this in the future. No shooting, no theoretical training — nothing,” the mobilised soldier says on video.

Several days ago, Mediazona reported a similar case. The wife of one of the men mobilised in Russia’s Lipetsk told the news outlet that her husband’s battalion would be sent to “the Donbas frontline” after one day of training. According to the woman, her husband, 45-year-old Andrey Kozyrev, serves in the 237th tank regiment. There are a thousand men in the regiment and none of them have undergone a medical examination, the woman added.

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