Man sets military enlistment office on fire in Russia’s Uryupinsk

A military enlistment office was set on fire in the town of Uryupinsk, Volgograd region of Russia, report local Telegram channel Urupvest and media outlet Baza.

According to their information, the building was set on fire at around 4AM. Urupvest has published a video from the scene.

According to the preliminary data, an unknown man drove a car close to the building’s entrance, exited the car, and started throwing Molotov cocktails at the building, Baza reports. At that time, a patrol was checking the military office’s territory.

The man was detained. According to Baza, the man is Mikhail Filatov, 35. He explained that he wanted to express his opinion in this way and to demonstrate that he was against mobilisation. The fire was quickly extinguished.

According to Mediazona’s calculations, 54 military enlistment offices and administrative buildings have been set on fire since the start of the war, 17 of these cases happened in the last five days after the announcement of the “partial” mobilisation.

In particular, a military enlistment office caught fire in Mordovia’s town of Ruzaevka after two Molotov cocktails had been thrown in through the window on 25 September. On the same day, it was reported that an administrative building caught fire under the town of Gatchina in the Saint Petersburg region after two Molotov cocktail bottles had been thrown into the building. The area of fire was 50 square metres, no one was hurt.

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