Military enlistment office catches fire in Russia’s Mordovia after two Molotov cocktails were thrown into window

A military enlistment office caught fire in Mordovia’s town of Ruzaevka after two Molotov cocktails had been thrown in through the window, reports Russian media outlet 7x7, citing the enlistment office itself.

“At 4AM on 25 September, two Molotov cocktail bottles were thrown into the window of the town of Ruzaevka’s military enlistment office. One of the cabinets caught fire, but the fire was extinguished,” the media writes.

Also today, 25 September, it was reported that an administrative building caught fire under the town of Gatchina in the Saint Petersburg region after two Molotov cocktail bottles had been thrown into the building. The area of fire was 50 square metres, no one was hurt, 47news states, citing the emergency services press service.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, over 20 incidents, in which military enlistment offices or other government buildings had been set on fire, were reported all over Russia. With the start of the “partial mobilisation”, such incidents have become more frequent.

What's happening with the mobilisation?

What's happening with the mobilisation?

Draft beer not Buryats

Russia's mobilisation was declared “partial”, but this is only relevant for Moscow and Saint P as each one in thirty men of conscription age may be drafted

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