Unknown persons throw Molotov cocktail at city administration building in Russia’s Tolyatti

Unknown persons threw a Molotov cocktail at the city administration building in Russia’s Tolyatti, Nesluhi.rf news outlet reports, citing representatives of the administration.

Photo published by Nesluhi.rf

Photo published by Nesluhi.rf

“Yes, indeed, in the early hours of 22 September, unknown perpetrators set fire to the entrance to the administration building. <…> The Tolyatti interior affairs directorate is investigating this matter currently,” the city administration stated.

The photos published by the news outlet show that the entrance door glass was shattered and that there is soot near the entrance. Nesluhi.rf points out that police are working on the scene.

Reports are coming in that a conscription office was set on fire in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod. NN.RU news outlet notes that there was a fire at the dentist office in the military commissariat building. Glass bottles were found on the scene.

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