Detainees of Russia’s mobilisation protests deprived of sleep and food

Detainees of Russia’s mobilisation protests are being deprived of food and sleep, OVD-Info and Novaya Gazeta’s managing editor Serafim Romanov report.

Romanov was detained yesterday in Saint Petersburg. He says 50 people who were detained were put in a single room alongside him with no chance to rest.

“They were taking photos of us and making us fill in forms and have our fingerprints taken all night long. They eventually took us to court at around midnight, and we spent about three hours in a police bus,” he says.

“30 people have not eaten anything in 24 hours and had no sleep. It is obvious that the police are mistreating us deliberately,” Romanov says.

The detainees in Saint Petersburg have also told us that they had to suffer “subhuman conditions.” “People had to spend the night sharing each bench in a group of six. The police gave them some tap water and deprived them of food, even after promising to provide some meals. The detainees were forced to sign blank papers and were taken photos of three times,” OVD-Info says.

“There is a hole in the ground instead of the toilet here, and there’s a huge puddle of urine around it. People walk around the room with their boots dirty of piss, so sleeping on the floor is horrible,” one of the detainees says.

A group of people is being held inside a police bus for over ten hours in Moscow, OVD-Info reports.

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