Moscow university announces ‘voluntary basic military training course’

The Russian State Social University, located in Moscow, has announced the launch of a “voluntary basic military training course”, TASS reports, citing the university’s press service.

“The voluntary basic military training course starts at the Russian State Social University on 26 September. It was created on request of the students; attendance will be voluntary. The Russian State Social University is one of many universities that do not have a military centre (department), but, as we’ve found out, there is a demand for basic military knowledge,” the university stated.

The university rector Andrei Khazin stated that this course is a “worthy civil response of the youth to the current events”. According to him, the course will include “basic knowledge” that could be useful to the students who are planning to sign up for conscript service in the Russian military after they graduate.

On 19 September, United Russia party offered to grant a leave of absence to students taking part in combat activity in Ukraine. Chairman of the Russian State Duma Youth Policy Committee Artyom Metelev said that this would “raise their social protection”.

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