Ukraine’s Armed Forces take control of Luhansk region village Bilohorivka - local authorities

Village Bilohorivka, Luhansk region, has been cleared out and has passed under the complete control of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, said the Luhansk region administration head Serhiy Haidai.

“Luhansk’s Bilohorivka has been cleared out and is now under the complete control of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. We should all have patience while we wait for the full-scale deoccupation of the Luhansk region. This process will be way more complicated than the situation in the Kharkiv region. There will be a difficult fight for every centimetre of Luhansk’s land,” he wrote in a post on his Telegram channel.

Furthermore, according to Haidai, the Russian servicemen are preparing to defend the occupied territories, which is why Ukraine’s Armed Forces will not be able to seize the land at once.

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On 9 September, Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky announced that Ukraine’s Armed Forces had recaptured 30 settlements in the Kharkiv region. Later on, it was reported that Ukraine’s forces also took full control of the cities Kypyansk and Balakliya.

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