Foreign agent Friday: Russian TV presenter Maxim Galkin added to government’s ‘foreign agent’ list

The Russian Ministry of Justice has included Russian TV presenter and comedian Maxim Galkin on the list of individuals acting as “foreign agents”.

Ukraine is stated as his source of foreign funding.

Galkin has repeatedly made statements condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The comedian is now doing solo shows outside of Russia.

Last Friday, Russia added journalists Elena Shukaeva and Andrey Afanasyev, as well as historian Valery Solovey, to the list of media outlets acting as foreign agents. Journalist Yulia Latynina, historian Tamara Eidelman and blogger Michael Nacke were included on the list of individuals acting as foreign agents.

Earlier today, the Russian Ministry of Justice excluded the Apologia legal aid group from the list “due to the lack of foreign funding over the course of a year preceding the day the application on exclusion from the register was filed”.

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