Foreign agent Friday: journalists Yulia Latynina, Elena Shukaeva and historian Tamara Eidelman added to Russia’s ‘foreign agent’ list

The Russian Ministry of Justice has added journalists Elena Shukaeva and Andrey Afanasyev, as well as historian Valery Solovey, to the list of media outlets acting as foreign agents.

Vremya Kolokolchikov, a legal entity registered by Russian journalist and activist Mitya Aleshkovsky, was added to the same list as well.

Journalist Yulia Latynina, historian Tamara Eidelman and blogger Michael Nacke were included on the list of individuals acting as foreign agents. The Russian justice ministry claims they are being funded by Ukraine.

Earlier today, the Russian justice ministry excluded the Humanitarian Action Foundation from the foreign agent list. This foundation served as a pretext for the second warning issued by Russia’s censorship agency Roskomnadzor to Novaya Gazeta (Moscow). The news article mentioning the foundation was published after the court ruled to exclude Humanitarian Action from the foreign agent list.

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